Diplomacy Games podcast: Episode 76 – Trainspotting

Venue: Stone & Wood Brewery, Brisbane

Drinks of choice:

Kaner:  Stone Rock porter and West Coast Extra IPA from Stone & Wood

Amby:  Cloud Catcher Pale Ale, West Coast Extra IPA and Stone Rock porter from Stone & Wood


Under the never-ending clickity-clack of the train line, the guys catch up in a brewery for a little Diplomacy chat… and the odd drink or two!


  • Brisbane trainspottingThe guys introduce the show, the venue and their drinks (0 mins 10 secs)
  • They talk about surfing, waterskiing and serenity (2 mins 45 secs)

Around the grounds

  • They flag there may be a bit of train noise in the background as they’re near a rail line. Kaner asks Amby how his games are going. Amby talks about the Big Hitters game (5 mins 20 secs)
  • Amby discusses his offer to GM a Winning game for players in the Winning thread (7 mins 15 secs)
  • Amby goes onto discuss how badly he’s doing in the Cloak and Dagger series, being played on a Modern Europe map (10 mins)
  • He then discusses his (surprise surprise) elimination from the Media Wars game and how the other players are going (12 mins)

Kaner in Quarantine

  • Stone & Wood Brewery, BrisbaneAmby thinks he stuffed up the recording (he didn’t) before giving a drinks update (16 mins)
  • Kaner discusses the impact of his workplace being shutdown due to Covid-19 (18 mins 15 secs)
  • Amby explains why the podcast was delayed a week due to the changes Kaner needed to accommodate into at work (25 mins)
  • They talk about the Patreon episode they recorded while he was in quarantine. They discuss their alliance game against the bots at webDip (25 mins 45 secs)

Around the grounds (part 2) and Diplomacy chat


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Thanks as always to Dr Dan aka “The General” for his rockin’ intro tune.

1 thought on “Diplomacy Games podcast: Episode 76 – Trainspotting”

  1. I can tell you that reading the military classics has definitely helped me. I have recommended the following books elsewhere:

    A Book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi.

    Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War, by Munenori Yagyu.

    On War, by Clausewitz.

    Strategy, by Liddell-Hart.

    The Prince, by Machiavelli.

    The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.

    The Secret of High Strategy, by Yamamoto Haruyuki.

    The Strategikon, by Maurice.

    Some are much harder to find and more expensive than others. I actually wrote two articles titled Diplomacy and the Way of the Warrior many years ago for the Pouch discussing the application of Musashi’s and Yagyu’s writings to Dip. I have not read Frontinus’ Strategemata. I will definitely be checking that out.

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