Diplomacy Games podcast: Episode 111 – Interview with Traci Brown on detecting deception

Venue: By George, Brisbane

Drinks of choice:

Kaner: 150 Lashes Pale Ale from James Squire

Amby:  Wynn’s “The Gables” Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra in South Australia

The guys interview Traci Brown, leading expert in detecting deception using body language. Plus two new variant maps are making the rounds. Kaner keeps on winning. And Amby screws up the tech.


  • The guys introduce the show and an apology for the break in episodes. Before they go onto the venue and their drinks (0 mins 15 secs)

Interview with Traci Brown

  • The start discussing the interview today with leading deception detection expert Traci Brown (2 mins 30 secs)
  • The interview begins with Amby framing the context of today’s discussion on body language and detecting fraud and lying (5 mins 30 secs)
  • Amby asks Traci how she got into being a body language expert with Traci discussing her earlier cycling career (7 mins 45 secs)
  • He goes onto ask what are the basic things someone should be looking for (12 mins 20 secs)
  • Traci dispels some of Amby’s thoughts on body language. Traci discusses the importance of establishing a person’s baseline (15 mins 45 secs)
  • Kaner asks how do you establish the baseline of someone’s body language (18 mins 45 secs)
  • Traci discusses the importance of maintaining a journal of your competitor’s behaviors and the importance of paying attention to what people do (24 mins 15 secs)
  • Amby asks about when players respond to you when they think you’re up to no good. Traci also discusses mirroring (35 mins 30 secs)
  • Amby asks about what behaviors you should follow to build trust (39 mins 15 secs)
  • They discuss practicing regularly (42 mins)
  • Traci discusses her 21 Day Body Language Makeover series of Youtube videos, fraud spotting and her book How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft. Amby also mentions Traci’s podcast, Truth, Lies and Coverups  (44 mins 30 secs)
  • Amby asks if there’s much variation between people’s behavior online versus face to face (51 mins)
  • They wrap up the interview. You can learn more at Traci’s website, BodyLanguageTrainer.com (52 mins)
  • The guys return and give their thoughts on the interview (52 mins 45 secs)

Diplomacy chat and news

  • The guys discuss trying to get a local game happening (1 hr 4 mins 20 secs)
  • Amby will soon be on holidays to Broome in Western Australia and then outback all the way back to Brisbane. This will slow down podcast episodes in October. Kaner suggests some game options while he’s away (1 hr 6 mins 45 secs)
  • The guys discuss the two new variants that Flame has created: Cold War Redux (a 4 player game) and Speed Europa (7 players on an updated Classic map) (1 hr 14 mins)
  • They discuss firstly the Cold War Redux variant (1 hr 16 mins)

Cold War Redux variant

  • The guys screwed up the pausing and lost a bit of their chat (1 hr 23 mins)
  • They find where they were last up to and start that section again, this time going into more detail on their thoughts about Speed Europa (1 hr 24 mins)

Speed Europa variant

  • Kaner discusses how some visual improvements could make the map even better (1 hr 38 mins 45 secs)
  • Kaner has soloed another game: Germany 1648, a Thirty Years War variant (1 hr 39 mins 45 secs)
  • He discusses how having a this variant now as an interactive map makes it so much better. Amby talks about how he hacked the code in 1648 to do the two types of fleets in the Pirates variant (1 hr 43 mins)
  • Amby discusses how Zach Twamley is currently doing a Thirty Years War podcast series. They go onto discussing a game against each other. Note: Amby won’t create this until he’s back from his outback trip (1 hr 45 mins)
  • They discuss how Kaner is going in the rankings (1 hr 50 mins)
  • Kaner starts discussing a new Europa Renovatio game he’s in (1 hr 51 mins)
  • Amby screwed up and failed to clear the SD card of the recorder, so they start closing out the show on his iPhone (1 hr 52 mins 40 secs)

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Thanks as always to Dr Dan aka “The General” for his rockin’ intro tune.

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