Diplomacy Games podcast: Pissed at PoppyCon – a Patreon preview for those in Coronavirus lockdown

Venue: PoppyCon, Melbourne

Drinks of choice:

Kaner – A can

Amby – A glass


Kaner and Amby are hammered. They give their take on Day 1 of PoppyCon. Released first on Patreon, we wanted to share this with all you in lockdown going crazy due to the Coronavirus. Hope you, your family and friends are well.

The guys discuss Day 1 of gameplay at PoppyCon in Melbourne

  • Amby complains its cold (1 min 15 secs)
  • Amby gets tangled in a poncho (2 mins 35 secs)
  • They discuss Austria getting eliminated from 5 SCs to zero in a single turn (3 mins 30 secs)
  • Kaner was tempted to wipe Amby off the board in game one. Amby (Germany) was included in the draw with 1 SC, Kaner (England) ended in the draw with 8 SC (4 mins 45 secs)
  • The Kaner asks Amby about his “How about we go get a beer” moment in game two when Amby (Turkey) was attempting to reconcile after stabbing Tim (Russia). Amby ended up in a draw with 9 SCs. Kaner wasn’t in game two¬† (6 mins 10 secs)
  • Kaner reflects his highlight of the game with the German army in Berlin taking the slow road to Norway. He also discusses Peter MacNamara’s come back as England (10 mins)
  • Kaner asks Amby why he didn’t push harder against Russia (15 mins 45 secs)
  • They move onto discuss game three briefy (16 mins 40 secs)
  • Amby returns back to game one and asks Kaner what he thought of Amby’s (Germany) opening (17 mins 15 secs)
  • Amby discusses his switcharoo with Richard (Turkey) in discussions with Robert (Russia) (20 mins 50 secs)
  • Amby asks Kaner how he thinks he’s going to go the next day for the remainder of game three (22 mins 55 secs)
  • They discuss how Kaner kept putting in incorrect orders as he drank more cider (23 mins 45 secs)
  • They discuss the impact of Coronavirus on the number of players at the tournament (25 mins)
  • Kaner wraps up the show (25 mins 30 secs)

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