Legal stuff

Wow you like Diplomacy AND are also interested in legal notices? You really are a one of a kind!

Well, we hate to disappoint you, but our legal notice is basic commonsense stuff:

  • This site is run by kaner406 and The Ambassador. The admins from a number of sites can prove our secret Bruce Wayne style identities if needed. Or you can Google a bit and you’ll work out who we are in pretty quick order. We own the copyright of this site so don’t steal our stuff. By all means link to it and attribute That will make us happy.
  • Any comments on the site made in posts, or in the podcast/audio by others, is the viewpoints of those folks. Not us. So if you take umbridge at what they say, it is solely between you and them. You agree to not hold us liable or to account. If you don’t agree to this you really need to leave the site.
  • Likewise if you post on our site in the comments section, or are interviewed on the podcast you are responsible for your comments. Be mindful of what you say and how others will take it.
  • We disclaim all legal liabilities from you using our site. By using our site you solely take responsibility for what happens here. If you don’t agree, please leave. Don’t worry we won’t take it personally.