How do you play Diplomacy online for free?


If you want to play Diplomacy online, we recommend and use vDiplomacy and webDiplomacy. Both sites are totally free.

They have great online communities of players who just like you, want to play a game or two of Diplomacy online. We’ve also started using other cool Diplomacy sites too.


webDiplomacy has more players which makes it faster to start a game. If you have played the “Classic” Diplomacy boardgame (seven powers on the verge of World War 1) you’ll be familiar with webDip’s most popular variant on the site. With close to 50,000 Classic games played on webDip its what people generally use the site for. There are though four other variants you can play on webDip:

  • The Ancient Mediterranean
  • Fall of the American Empire IV
  • Modern Diplomacy II
  • World Diplomacy IX


But if you’re tired of playing Classic for the bazillionith time and you find four variants is not enough. Head on over to vDiplomacy.

vDiplomacy has 100 variants you can choose from (including Classic of course!)  Its only downside is it has a slightly smaller player base, which means sometimes you may have to wait longer for a game to start.


Amby has recently started using PlayDiplomacy where you can play up to three standard Classic map games without any costs. If you want special rules, variants and more games then there’s an annual fee.


Diplomail is also free, and both Kaner and Amby use its Lab for developing variants. But the main Diplomail site is all in Russian!

Other Diplomacy sites

There are many other site for playing Diplomacy online for free, although we haven’t had prior experience with them:

If you’ve had good experiences on any of these sites, let us and our Dip players know in the comments section. Likewise if we’ve missed out a good free site where you can play Diplomacy games online.

2 thoughts on “How do you play Diplomacy online for free?”

  1. What about the mobile apps?
    There is CONSPIRACY, and DIPLICITY. Both are great, though I prefer Conspiracy for its graphics and features.

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