Diplomacy Games podcast: Episode 108 – Happy accidents

Venue: Dr Gimlette’s, Brisbane

Drinks of choice:

Kaner: Stone & Wood IPA

Amby:  An unknown McLaren Vale shiraz from  South Australia

The guys get into the new Bourse game, talk Amby’s happy little accident, games and much much more.

Dr Gimlette'sIntro & Diplomacy talk

  • The guys introduce the show, the venue and their drinks (0 mins 15 secs)

Bourse 2022

  • Kaner kicks off discussions on the new Bourse game he’s adjudicating and Amby is playing. Kaner reminds listeners if they missed previous shows what a Bourse game is (5 mins 45 secs)
  • They discuss pumping up the value of currencies (9 mins)
  • Amby discusses how he’s previously approached the start of earlier Bourse games and how his opening strategy has changed (11 mins)
  • Kaner reflects on Amby having a commanding position in the Bourse game (21 mins 30 secs)
  • After ordering some more drinks, Kaner shares with Amby about the adjudication and checking who bought what (22 mins 30 secs)

Around the grounds & more Diplomacy talk

  • Amby discusses the outcome of his Youngstown World War II game as Japan where he didn’t expect at all to win, but somehow did (31 mins 45 secs)
  • He goes onto reflect his strategy to try to win, but how he was constantly thwarted by England and Germany (36 mins)
  • They discuss that it had an End of Game time limit and what happens when that is reached (38 mins 15 secs)
  • The guys move onto Kaner’s games focusing initially on his Known World 901 game which is coming to the tail end (44 mins 30 secs)
  • They move onto his Europe Renovatio Winterkorn Bloodbath game (49 mins)
  • Kaner discusses how borders are occupied or unoccupied in games (53 mins 15 secs)
  • Amby advises he hasn’t been able to get enough people to fill a board for a face to face game in Brisbane (56 mins)
  • They talk about July as an option until they realise they’re both away for big chunks of July, and discuss road trips (58 mins)
  • Amby suggests Kaner playing a social game when he’s in Victoria with his dad. Kaner talks stabbing his brother and his Dad playing Diplomacy in the navy (1 hr 4 mins 15 secs)
  • They flag why there was no interview this episode (1 hr 8 mins 30 secs)
  • They start wrapping up the show (1 hr 10 mins)

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Thanks as always to Dr Dan aka “The General” for his rockin’ intro tune.

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